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Sunshine is the debut single from Revolution Incorporated. Their music is influenced by styles such as Roots Reggae, Ska, Dub, Latin, Sega.

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Liner Notes

Revolution Incorporated huddles
together old-school reggae, roots music,
ska, dub, latin beats and even Mauritian
sega, and wraps them into a contemporary feel.

They share their unique blend of
influences and stories, wrapped up in
beautiful and uplifting reggae music,
one that carries messages about the world around us and the way we live.

Sunshine captures the warm and colourful atmosphere of beach
culture, one that transcends continents and lifestyles -
whoever you are, whatever stage of life you may be at.

The song is about the simple happiness that the summer sunshine
brings, through the warm embrace of a reggae backdrop.


Revolution Incorporated


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